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About me

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Dear Visitor, my name is Hermine Phelizon.

My passion is accompanying people in discovering their Soul Path and shining bright!

Since my first memory I could see Guides and Auras around people. As a kid I spent my days with animals, meditating and discovering the magic of Life. My upbringing was open to spirituality and gave me the space to explore without judgement. I lived several spiritual experiences and it was during a silent retreat after the passing of my father that I understood my Life Path.

My journey since then has been surprising, challenging and magical!

I am dedicating my Life to supporting people achieving their soul purpose. Let's build the New World together!

Allow yourself to grow and continue exploring, seeking, learning! Allow yourself to be surprised.

Let Life show you the way, day after day.


I am working as a holistic medium and mentor, an aura reader, an astrologer and an animal communicator.

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Holistic Medium and Mentor – As a medium and mentor, I am sharing my knowledge, skills and experiences with you while using my medium and psychic abilities. I communicate directly with your Guides and feel what your energetical field wants to tell us. This creates a very powerful method to support you in your own development and growth. I am focusing on the Spirituality of Life which, for me, encompasses all other parts of Life: physical, emotional, mental. We are all living a Spiritual Life and my Life Path is to support you in shining bright.

Aura Reader - An aura reader is someone who can see the aura, with his/her own eyes or some tools, and can gain knowledge and understanding from it. I am gifted in seeing auras and chakras and understand their meaning in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual worlds. I can see where you need rebalancing or where you have blockages. This is a great tool for a deeper understanding of ourselves. My knowledge in Crystals, essential oils and colour healing permits me to suggest you some products to gently rebalance your aura.

Astrologer – An astrologer uses astrology as a tool to support someone in the discovery of the Self. Astrology is the study of patterns and relationships between planets and individual sky maps (birth chart, synastry, composite) I specifically uses birth charts to light up the Soul Path of each individual.

Animal Communicator - An animal communicator communicates directly with animals (their higher self) or with their Guides (Devas). In this practice we are here to listen and understand the animal. It can help with your current pet to understand a behavioural issue - informing your pet about a change that is about to happen so it can be prepared - asking if it is happy with its life and if not what can we change. Be aware -> we are not veterinarians, so although we can have insights if an animal is physically ill, we are not here to give you medical answers. We can however help you improve the life of your beloved pet and help both of you understand each other better. Animals can be guides and may have important messages for us. It is important to know how to listen to them.


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